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Are you a changemaker 
struggling with juggling all 11 areas of life who
desires more work-life harmony so you can
rock your world-changing mission? 


Help impact-driven changemakers avoid burnout and consistently optimize work-life fulfillment so they can be unstoppable as they rock their world-changing missions.

We teach you how to create and DO a holistic daily power practice and measure results in 11 -minutes a day with a supportive community and world-class subject matter experts. 

Work-life harmony requires a daily power practice...
Do you have one? 

Does This Sound Familiar? 
  • Kicking ass for your latest work project....

  • But missed son's soccer game

  • Helping daughter with science project due tomorrow...

  • But too exhausted to make love to your sweetie

  • Saying yes to last-minute strategy session at work...

  • But now no time to do that nature hike you planned

  • Hanging out late with an old friend on a Tuesday...

  • But failed to close a big deal because you were tired

  • Rocking your life mission and making a positive impact...

  • But barely making ends meet

  • Leading a successful team and making the world better

  • But coping with the extra workload with alcohol


If LOVE is the most important thing, shouldn't we invest more time and energy into growing it?
Every. Single. Day.

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