Bitcoin, Productivity & The Restless Soul

Rainbow Love Warrior
Love Warrior made by @midjourney

If you’re like me, you have a relentless fire burning in your heart, fueling you to build your life and the world into a better place.

Not only better but exponentially better.

You’re a visionary who sees through the bullshit and lies of how the world is manipulated today so that only the few puppeteers can profit while the puppets cluelessly prance around led by the golden strings of bondage.

“You can fool some people some time but but you can’t fool all the people all the time” - Bob Marley

You know and see a superior way.

A world where all of life co-thrives in harmony.

A world where caring hearts are favored over hearts shredded with bombs.

A world where all the dreamers have access to the same chance to thrive.

A life of inner peace, prosperity, & fulfillment of your soul mission.

A life of ease and grace with hi-vibe love in your space.

A life of hope, purpose and making a difference with your divine gifts

A community based on dignity, honor, respect, love, truth, and sovereignty.

A community that practices growth, service, excellence & generosity.

A community that has your back no matter what.

You see the path forward and the pot of Bitcoin at the end of the rainbow.

You know the race is on and the bad guys have the lead.

You feel like the giant boulder from Indiana Jones is chasing you toward death and your soul is called to be a messenger to tell others to beware of the danger and get to safety.

Your heart yearns to experience inspiration and divinity with your family and community.

You have studied and practiced hundreds of personal growth methods and power tools to get you to this moment in time my dear warrior soul.

You know the only moment is here and now - (thanks Ram Dass).

However, the impending doom boulder is catching up to you leaving a disaster zone in its wake.

But waiiiiiiit just a minute.

Who gave you the responsibility of being the messenger?

Why not just live and let live?

It’s none of your business sunshine.

Stop worrying about what everyone else is doing and just worry about yourself.